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Lone Eagle Peak

The high country is slowly beginning to melt away and open up the alpine trails. I spent a night by Crater Lake, with a view of Lone Eagle Peak. Getting there was a bit of challenge as many downed trees covered the standard trail, and snow still covered the last few miles. The Milky Way moving across the backdrop of snow-covered mountains made for a memorable night.

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Situated between the Rocky Mountains and Utah deserts, Palisade is a refreshing departure from traveling along I-70. After exiting the interstate, one sees the possibilities for tapping the Colorado River after passing an abundance of wineries and orchards. History surrounds the area with petroglyphs, discarded wagon trails, and farming implements that have earned a resting place along the fields they once cared for.

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Arapaho Lakes

The scenic views by Arapaho Lakes are buried by feet of snow in January, but the mountains make a great destination for backcountry skiing. Most treat the trails as a day trip destination from the Front Range, but a few friends decided to camp out in a snow cave. Emergency shovels were put to work, and a temporary accommodation for five was carved out of the snowpack. Battery-powered lights were a great last minute addition to the cave. While I was warm inside, the camera clicked away as the stars tracked across the sky above moonlit mountains.

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