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Chasm Lake and Storm Pass

Every season offers a new perspective in the mountains. Spring is highlighted by the return of wildflowers and access to alpine trails, summer provides camping opportunities by aquamarine lakes that perfectly reflect granite peaks, and fall gives one last burst of color. But winter brings snow. From making snowballs and snow angels to skiing, I find that winter can be the most playful season. There is nothing like waking up early for a trail run through snow with friends!

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Buchanan - Pawnee Loop

The trail runs keep getting longer! Beginning at Long Lake in the Brainard Lake Recreational Area, we began our 26 mile loop by ascending Buchanan Pass (11,837’), our first crossing of the Continental Divide for the day. Snow had mostly receded, but this loop has taken time to clear for quick passage. Cruising through wildflowers and past waterfalls makes the western section of the Buchanan Pass Trail one of the most enjoyable areas of the Front Range.

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