Buchanan - Pawnee Loop

The trail runs keep getting longer! Beginning at Long Lake in the Brainard Lake Recreational Area, we began our 26 mile loop by ascending Buchanan Pass (11,837’), our first crossing of the Continental Divide for the day. Snow had mostly receded, but this loop has taken time to clear for quick passage. Cruising through wildflowers and past waterfalls makes the western section of the Buchanan Pass Trail one of the most enjoyable areas of the Front Range.

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I only began traveling recently to locations where photographing the landscape was the primary goal of the trip. I have had many cameras accompany me over the years wherever I explored, and I also logged my location to quantify how long and difficult a trek was with a watch or other device. I wanted to have both my images and this information combined for a more complete summary of the trip, so I determined a way to integrate Mapbox into my Squarespace website.

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Douglas DeVoto
Lone Eagle Peak

The high country is slowly beginning to melt away and open up the alpine trails. I spent a night by Crater Lake, with a view of Lone Eagle Peak. Getting there was a bit of challenge as many downed trees covered the standard trail, and snow still covered the last few miles. The Milky Way moving across the backdrop of snow-covered mountains made for a memorable night.

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