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La Plata

The Front Range has experienced an unusually warm June, so I attempted to beat the heat by searching for higher ground. As a day trip, La Plata is an easy class 2 climb accessible off of Highway 82, southwest of Leadville. The mountain was originally named for the silver mines that once operated in the area.

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Situated between the Rocky Mountains and Utah deserts, Palisade is a refreshing departure from traveling along I-70. After exiting the interstate, one sees the possibilities for tapping the Colorado River after passing an abundance of wineries and orchards. History surrounds the area with petroglyphs, discarded wagon trails, and farming implements that have earned a resting place along the fields they once cared for.

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The Arrowhead

Fall is quickly approaching! We traveled up to RMNP for what was originally planned to be an ambitious day, the Lake Solitude Cirque traverse. Beginning from Bear Lake, we hiked our way up to to Black Lake and enjoyed the surrounding views of Chiefs Head Peak (13,579'), The Spearhead (12,575'), Powell Peak (13,208'), McHenrys Peak (13,327'), and The Arrowhead (12,387').

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